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Do you know how many drivers get frustrated and waste fuel while searching for parking?

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Main Features

ParkerMeister is a location-based, real-time, augmented reality parking helper which shows the open parking lots within a three mile radius.


Find car-parks around you or at the place where you want to go. So you know in advance, when you want to go somewhere what your parking options are.


Receive live-updates from the Land and Transport Authority, Housing Development Boards, and soon the Urban Redevelopment Authority about available lots in the car parks.

Car park check-in

It happens to everyone, getting lost in the maze of side-streets or in a large parking lot. Remember your parked location using detailed GPS coordinates and our key-in feature so it is easy to find your way back.

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“This is a life changer! Worth every cent!”
“I got lost for 2 hours trying to find my car not anymore."
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Features at a Glance

There are a lot of things ParkerMeister can do for you. But ParkerMeister is more. It aims to build a better city with smarter drivers.


ParkerMeister is helping you making better and more efficient parking decisions.


Nothing is better for the environment than driving less. Finding parking easier helps.


Spend more time with what you want to do sports, your family. Not in a car finding parking.

Easy to Use

A simple, elegant and intuitive interface with effective color-coding provides helps you get along.


Driving in heavy traffic searching for a place to park is stressful. Enough said.


ParkerMeister helps you spend more time with your friends and the people you care about.


ParkerMeister runs on your iPhone, so a good parking advice comes with you wherever you are.

Smart Nation

Tenqyu supports Singapore's Smart Nation initiative because it is the right thing to do.

Meet The Team

Meet the wonderful team that builds or not this solution for you.



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Jean Marc

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Andrew Cohen

Pizza delivery for I.C Wiener?

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ParkerMeister is available in the Apple App store and the best thing is... for free!

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